Windows 11 Security Settings Every Small Business Should Know

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According to the Work Trend Index, most business owners rate security threats as the number one obstacle to running a business in 2022.

Windows reports that in 2021, protections built into its Windows, Azure, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 products blocked 9.6 billion malware threats, 35.7 billion phishing and malicious emails and 25.6 billion attempts to hijack customers using stolen passwords. Security services blocked more than 800 password attacks per second.

Based on this, Windows tries to constantly improve its security services by releasing security-focused features to ensure that every individual, business, or software development company works safely. In this article, we’ll walk you through essential Windows 11 security updates and how you can use them to your advantage.

1. Pluto from Microsoft

This feature helps protect core parts of the operating system and user credentials immediately after the device is powered on. It includes protection for TPM 2.0, firmware, identity, direct memory access, and memory integrity protection.

To note: Since attackers shifted their focus to hardware, Microsoft announced the release of the Microsoft Pluto security processor to secure this critical layer of system work.

2. Smart App Control

Smart App Control is an essential Windows 11 security system enhancement called to prevent users from installing insecure apps on their PC.

Smart App Control is different from browser-built extensions, and it is built right into the core of the operating system, at the process level. This AI-based feature checks every new app running on Windows 11 to ensure that only safe apps are allowed in the system.

This feature will be pre-integrated in new devices with Windows 11 installed by default. Other users will need to reset their operating system and reinstall Windows 11 to enjoy it.

3. Credential Guard

This feature protects systems from credential theft attacks. This is a hardware-based and virtualization-based security capability developed not so long ago.

This will help protect software even if attackers use administrator privileges. There are plans to enable the Credential Guard feature for companies running Windows 11 Enterprise Edition.

4. Microsoft Defender Smart Screen

The Defender SmartScreen feature enables better phishing detection and alerts users when they give their Microsoft credentials to untrusted websites or apps.

Interesting: Microsoft Defender SmartScreen makes Windows the first operating system in the world to integrate protection against phishing directly into the system.

5. Integrity of code protected by the hypervisor

Hypervisor-Protected Code Integrity or HVCI blocks any attempt to inject malicious code into your system. It will also ensure that any drivers a user tries to load on a system are trustworthy. The system uses access to Microsoft’s Vulnerable and Malicious Drivers Reporting Center to ensure that Windows automatically blocks vulnerable devices.


Windows 11 security improvements are not limited to this list, although we have chosen the most important. The company has done a tremendous amount of work to develop features to verify user identity, find lost devices, and more. In addition, many new features are under development.

Authors biography : Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web and mobile application solutions from the ground up. She researches the tech field to create great content on app development, UX/UI design, technology, and business consulting.