Ukraine: Speechly App announces free translation support for refugees

Free Speechly App translation service, to help organizations supporting Ukrainian refugees

Communicate in the most spoken languages ​​in the world, translated instantly thanks to a constantly learning AI.

Real-time interpretation in many languages

Refugee aid organizations can use Speechly to converse in their native language with Ukrainian and/or Russian-speaking refugees.

I hope that the immediacy of the system will allow refugees to receive the support they need without delay by overcoming language barriers and strengthening an interpretive resource of organizations.

—James Haworth CEO, FITTS

LONDON, LONDON, UK, April 26, 2022 / — Speechly App today announces support for Ukrainian refugees arriving in countries around the world. Starting April 12, free 120-day licenses will be made available to any public and non-profit organization supporting refugees who need translation services in Ukraine and/or Russian. This will include unlimited licenses, so that more than 100 nationalities can converse in real time with Ukrainian and Russian speakers.

Speechly App licenses are available free for 120 days, to help organizations establish communication and wellness channels.

Simone Bini, Channel Manager at Speechly, said: “Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine at this traumatic time. As a translation technology provider, the best way for us to support them, and the agencies and support organizations around the world who welcome them to their countries, is to ensure that refugees do not have to worry about communication and to receive the best help and support possible. .”

Free Speechly App licenses are already being provided in many UK local authorities, which are preparing to welcome refugees by installing the Speechly app within their established network of Jabra devices, used for telephone communications, online and on site.

James Haworth, CEO of FITTS, said: “Having developed and tested the Speechly app for several years to become highly accurate in translation, we are delighted to see it offered to support refugees and support workers. I hope that the immediacy of the system will allow refugees to receive the support they need without delay by overcoming language barriers and strengthening an interpretive resource of organizations.

The Speechly app can be used on Windows devices or Android phones and works in conjunction with many types of communication devices such as headsets and smart speakers.

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About Speechly
Speechly is an innovative company that aims to solve one of the biggest problems of our globalized world: real-time translation.
Governments, companies and international organizations spend huge sums of money on live interpreters, as the only way to provide real-time translation.

Speechly was launched in September 2020 and is being deployed across many UK public sector organizations to provide a cheaper and faster translation service for better control of their services and resources.

Speechly benefits any organization where interaction with people who speak different languages ​​is required, and provides an immediate solution to better serve customers and the community. This is especially valuable for education providers as well as police and clinical emergency care services.

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