TVSquared’s Kinsella aims to unify television with support from Innovid – Beet.TV

More than a quarter after newly public Innovid acquired TVSquared for $160 million, the companies are busy aligning their technology to bring customers the best of both games.

TVSquared helps brands understand how TV advertising drives traffic to their websites.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, company president Jo Kinsella, who also served as head of measurement in the combined entity, explains how things are developing.

Platform extension

TVSquared sells to Innovid for $160 million, Kinsella to main measure

“We always said TVSquared needed a bigger boat – we got it with Innovid and couldn’t be happier,” says Kinsella.

“Innovid services and serves ads for 40% of the top 200 advertisers. They literally run a billion ads a day. We’re now taking this gigantic CTV universe – 95 million households – and putting that second by second into our platform.

“So you’ll have more linear CTV…on one unified platform.”

The best of both

The deal was widely seen as creating a single company with strengths on both the buy and sell side. Innovid’ now offers:

  • Connected TV advertising
  • Advertisements
  • Creative management
  • Advertising measurement
  • Identity resolution
  • Solutions for publishers

At the height

TVSquared’s integration into Innovid also means a bigger platform for its special sauce – showing brands the true effect of their ad spend.

“More and more of the brands we work with ask us: ‘Who did I contact? Did it work? Should I go there again? said Kinsella.

“(If) you watch a show on Peacock, on a Roku device, on a Samsung TV – we see it.”

Unify TV

TVSquared’s star had risen just as the traditional television measurement business was facing a crisis.

Mostly panel-based Nielsen lost its MRC accreditation due to the lockdown, as ad buyers nonetheless sought to measure the impact of ads on a cross-platform basis.

Today, several currencies and measurement companies are emerging, securing test contracts with broadcast and video platforms.

“I think Nielsen will always have a seat,” says TVSquared’s Kinsella. “There is a place at the table for them.

“And I think there will be multiple players. I think the most important thing … is that the industry has finally realized that measurement as it was no longer serves this industry with the proliferation of CTV, with its $22 billion in spending. So let’s find a way to really unify television.