Newly Launched KYOCERA Cloud Information Manager Promotes Flexible Working

The major shift to remote and hybrid working has quickly exposed the glaring lack of information that results from business documents being stored in one fixed location and employees working from another. This gap affects productivity, hinders collaboration, and limits an organization’s ability to take advantage of opportunities.

To solve this problem, KYOCERA Cloud Information Manager (KCIM), an easy-to-implement and user-friendly solution for small and medium-sized businesses, enables organizations to move from paper-based to digital document management and enables remote staff to access the documentation at any time and from different places.

The out-of-the-box solution gets right to the heart of the collaboration challenge. Kyocera has combined state-of-the-art technologies with its vast expertise in the document solutions industry to develop this all-new Content Service Platform (CSP). KCIM is a robust entry-level SaaS product that transforms physical business documents into digital data that is accessible and shared across locations, in an instant.

“The shift to remote working has been a real challenge for small businesses, especially those that depended on very paper-intensive environments. To that end, KYOCERA Cloud Information Manager ticks all the boxes for organizations looking to digitize their business documents, so they can embrace this new era of hybrid working,” says Greg Griffith, Senior Product Manager at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa. .

“Everyone has experienced frustration when searching for digital files, usually because they were saved in different places or under different names,” adds Griffith. “But imagine having all the documents neatly organized in a digital repository where everyone can find them immediately. Imagine an office without stacks of paper or filing cabinets, where all you need is an electronic device to access the document you need. No more endless email chains with multiple versions of the same floating document. No more confusion about the most recent version of the document. You don’t even have to be in the office to work. Documents can be shared between departments, knowing that the data is secure. That’s exactly what KCIM can do – and more. It is a tool that effectively digitizes all physical business documents and helps businesses adopt a more agile approach to work. »

Paper documents also often take up expensive office space, drain financial resources, and are vulnerable to theft or physical damage. KCIM eliminates these challenges while providing other value-added features, such as the ability to quickly share a multitude of business documents with colleagues across different locations, powerful search capabilities for instant document access, and workflow control. access for enhanced security.

“Today’s digital age is forcing businesses of all sizes to digitally transform their workplaces and be able to operate efficiently,” says Griffith.

“That’s why Kyocera has introduced KCIM, an affordable tool that can help any business accelerate its digital transformation and transition to a hybrid working model. It will help SMBs work more efficiently, making it easier to work from anywhere with controlled access and security. The product itself will continue to evolve with new features based on changing market needs and we are extremely excited about its potential in the South African and Sub-Saharan region,” concludes Griffith.