New York State School Boards Association encourages community support from local school boards

ALBANY, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The New York State School Boards Association (“NYSSBA”) today announced the launch of a new campaign to encourage New York City communities to support their local school boards by providing a quality educational experience for every student.

“Public schools are the foundation of our communities and our country,” said NYSSBA President Peggy Zugibe. “Similarly, we see school board service and education as the foundation of democracy – they really are the foundation of everything. With this campaign, we hope to increase the number of people engaging with and, ultimately, supporting New York State school boards and board members in their pursuit of higher levels of student achievement.

The integrated marketing communications campaign, which will run through May, focuses on communicating the important connection between high-performing school boards and student success while raising awareness of the positive experiences of school board members. Additionally, NYSSBA strives to highlight the significant impact of school board service on our local democracies and the role school boards play in ensuring a quality education for every student.

The goals of this NYSSBA campaign, which will use a mix of traditional advertising and public relations strategies, are ultimately:

  • To enlighten and educate the public on the importance of school board service and how it relates to supporting our democracy and ensuring that students receive the best education possible.

  • Collaborate with relevant community groups to raise public awareness of the connection between school board service and a healthy and resilient democracy.

  • Encourage the electorate to learn more about the role of their local school board and to learn about local school board issues.

“The vast majority of our school board members volunteer their time and are dedicated to improving student success throughout New York City,” said NYSSBA Executive Director Robert S. Schneider. “Our goal is to encourage local community collaboration to help our school boards ensure that every student across the state has access to an equitable, high-quality education.

For more information on how all New Yorkers can get involved in supporting their local school boards, please visit this page Where watch the campaign video.

About the New York School Boards Association

NYSSBA is the statewide voice for the interests of New York’s public school boards. The NYSSBA serves more than 671 Local School Boards and Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), which represent more than 5,200 members, or nearly half of the state’s elected officials. NYSSBA provides information, training, advocacy, and advice on issues affecting school boards and collaborates with other educational and related organizations to promote excellence in the education of public school students.