Make this small change in Google Chrome settings, you will get rid of device tracking

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All websites that open on Google browser can track your device.
However, this can be avoided by slightly modifying the browser settings.
You can change this setting from desktop and Android phones.

New Delhi. Most internet users use Google Chrome and open lots of websites on the browser but these websites collect sensitive user data. Not only that, these websites can also track your device. This happens due to your browser’s default tracking feature. However, you can protect yourself from it. In fact, Google Chrome helps users avoid this.

If you want to avoid this Google tracking feature, you can send a Do Not Track request to Google Chrome. Let us tell you that all websites collect your browsing information and then use it to increase privacy, offer content, services, advertisements, etc. on their website. However, you can stop it via the Do Not Track request. To send a request, simply go to the Google Chrome settings.

How to send a request from the desktop
To send a request from a computer, first open Google Chrome on your laptop. After that, click on the top three dots on the right side. Now select the setting from the many options available here. After that, you will have many options on the left side.

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Here, click on the Privacy and security tab, then click on the Cookies and other site data section. After that, click on the Send a request not to track toggle with your browsing traffic.

Can request from desktop and Android
Let us tell you that users can send this request from desktop devices and Android devices. Even if you want to send a request from an Android smartphone, you must follow the same process. However, you can also follow one or two different steps.

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