Library Tax Support – Tillamook County Pioneer

In the next election cycle is the continuation of the library tax – Basically, a special library tax. This takes a known amount of money from Tillamook County property tax revenue, ensuring that the library system has a known and reliable source of funding.

The word library can mean many things, they were mainly a repository of important and historical documents.
Originally owned by monarchs and churches, here in the United States, universities and the Library of Congress hold important and historical records. Local libraries tend to have local and important materials. For example, documents on the beginnings of the timber industry can be found in local libraries.

Having a local library system means you also have access to interlibrary loan. The Tillamook Library may not have a book or DVD, but the library will find another library that has this item and have it delivered to your local branch for pickup. So, having a local library system means you have access to all books, DVDs, or documents, even books that are only at the Library of Congress.

Libraries are an incredible source of knowledge, as well as a source of entertainment, novels, films, newspapers and magazines.

Tillamook has branches throughout the county where you can browse the shelves, sit comfortably and read. A place to do homework and research. They have photocopiers where you can make copies of your own materials or photocopy library items to take with you.

Each library has a personal librarian who knows how to find you and provide you with what you want to access.

There is currently a problem with fast and reliable internet access. Your local library already has a high-speed fiber optic internet connection that anyone can use, either on a desktop computer or with their own tablet, laptop or even smartphone. The library’s WiFi is available 24 hours a day.
If you’re sitting outside the library, in your car, or on a bench, you have much better access than at home. If you need to do a big download on your laptop, you can do it in your library.

Yes, we really need libraries and even if you are not a current user, the people around you are.

If you can’t get to the library easily, the library will come to you. There is a brightly painted bus called the Bookmobile. If you are on a farm, or lack mobility, the Bookmobile will deliver and pick up. Yes, the library does home visits.

If you want to read the details of the library fee, the details are here:

Julien Macassey