How to Use Motorola’s Moto App to Improve Your Mobile Settings

Something totally true in terms of knowledge of mobile phones is that many times their configurations can be a bit complex and difficult for the general public to understand.

For this exact reason, from Motorola, they have come to the conclusion that this can be fixed in a way that is not so complicated to understand, i.e. thanks to its application called Moto where many configurations are explained in a simplified way.

Entering fully into the content offered by this application for Motorola mobiles, the Moto application has in its interior with functions and configurations literally simplifiedwhich will allow you to change things on the device in an easier way.

There are up to 4 configuration windows accessible, and without more to say here, let’s get to it right away to see all these sections and what they are about.

What are the configuration sections in the Moto app?

– Customize: In this first section, we come across everything related to screen customization aspects, i.e. wallpapers, icon styles and designs and their colors, font, the figure of custom icons, among others. All this is found shared between 3 different windows configuration, which have been fashions, Wallpapers Yes Design.

– Gestures: Interesting section of the app that brings together all the gestures that can be performed on the device, allowing you to enable or disable the quick actions you want in order to save as much time as possible. Among the most interesting we find are the activation of the flashlight by moving the hand twice, the screenshots with 3 fingers, the rotation of the mobile to activate the mode Do not interruptetc

– Screen: In this section, you can enable or disable only two functions plus nothing, which are smart screen or attentive screen. Speaking of the first, it allows users to see mobile notifications when the screen is off, in addition to interacting with those news if you hold them down. On the other hand, what the attentive screen does is keep the screen on while you watch it, basically.

– Games: this window could not be missing, and since Moto wants you to make the most of your game time, you can find various settings there that you can activate to block notifications or calls while playing games, for example. In short, there are several optimizations that you can access from this area to spend a pleasant game time and without bad moments due to factors external to the game itself.