How To Fix Device Manager If It’s Flashing In Windows 10/11

by Kazim Ali Alvi

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  • If Device Manager is flashing on your computer, it could be incorrect connections, faulty devices, or outdated drivers.
  • To fix the error, try updating the problematic driver, among other methods here.
  • Also learn how to find Device Manager error logs in Windows 11.


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Device Manager is a useful component of Windows that not only allows us to view connected devices, but also to perform several functions. Although many have reported that Device Manager keeps flashing on their PC.

In this case, Device Manager becomes practically inaccessible and you can no longer update drivers, perform basic troubleshooting or change device properties.

Read the following sections to learn what you can do if Device Manager keeps refreshing in Windows 11.

Why is my Device Manager flashing?

Here is a list of reasons why Device Manager flashes on your computer:

  • Connection problems or faulty device
  • Problematic driver
  • Conflicting applications or processes
  • Corrupt system files

How can I find Device Manager errors?

  1. Launch it Device Managerright-click on the relevant device and select Properties.Properties
  2. Navigate to the Events tab and click See all events to see all errors.see all events

How can I stop device manager from flashing?

1. Update the problematic driver

  1. Launch it Device Managerright-click on the device that disappears and reappears, then select Update Driver.Update driver to fix device manager flickering
  2. Then select Automatically search for drivers in the Update Drivers the window.Automatically search for drivers

If that doesn’t work, you can try manually installing the latest driver to fix the flickering on Device Manager.

2. Uninstall conflicting apps

  1. Hurry the Windows + R throw To runWalk in appwiz.cpl, then click OKAY.appwiz.cpl to fix device manager flickering
  2. Next, select the conflicting app, then click Uninstall.Uninstall app to fix device manager flickering
  3. Click on Yes in the confirmation prompt.Yes
  4. Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Once done, restart the computer and check if Device Manager flickering in Windows 10/11 is fixed. Otherwise, proceed to the last method.

3. Perform a System Restore

In case you are wondering why the device manager is flashing, there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong, and instead of identifying it through extensive troubleshooting, you can simply perform a system restore.

System Restore essentially takes your system back in time by undoing recent changes and removing apps. Just make sure to select a restore point that was created before the Device Manager flickering issue was first encountered.

Also learn what to do if biometric devices are not showing up in Device Manager.

Let us know which fix worked for you in the comments section below.

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