Here’s my review of the FOREO BEAR microcurrent device for 50+ skin

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Before I have my last FOREO BEAR microcurrent device, I received my first FOREO product in 2017 after a chance encounter at the beach in my hometown of Pacifica, CA.

I had just finished a photoshoot in the hills adjacent to Linda Mar Beach (home of the prettiest Taco Bell on earth, if you’re unfamiliar) when I spotted a vintage Winnebego in the parking lot. A classic design, sunset behind the mountains adorned its exterior, and we couldn’t resist snapping some photos.

We didn’t know the owners were inside. We backed away shyly as they walked out, asking what we were doing. Luckily, they were flattered that we were so taken with their motorhome. They had a cute dog and we had a cute dog and we mingled for a few laughs and took a few more photos.

Long story short, it turned out that the motorhome owner was working with FOREO (pronounced FOR-RAY-OH), a Swedish brand I had never heard of. When I told her I was a lifestyle editor, she took my details and promised to send me one of their devices.

Lo and behold, she followed, and within weeks I received a mini version of FOREO’s LUNA facial cleansing device. My face has never felt so clean after using this little thing, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

(Kristen Philipkoski)

Although I unfortunately lost this lovely lady’s card and can’t remember her name (if you’re there, excuse me for my terrible memory! You’re awesome!), this was the one of those fortuitous experiences that you never forget. In addition, I have photographic reminders of the day!

I was therefore delighted to have the opportunity to test some of the latest FOREO products: the BEARthe UFOand the MOON 3.

In this review, I share my experience with the BEAR micro-current device—check back for reviews on the other two products in the months to come!

FOREO BEAR technology and design

FOREO has come a long way since I met five years ago. Founded in 2013, the brand’s products are available in over 10,000 stores worldwide, including Sephora, SpaceNK, Cult Beauty and many more.

In the past three years alone, FOREO products have won over 120 design and beauty awards. It is the fastest growing beauty device brand in the world, based on the number of search terms. In addition to skincare devices, FOREO also manufactures toothbrushes, acne treatments, and more.

The FOREO BEAR is deceptively small and cute but delivers fierce microcurrent. Its T-Sonic pulsations promise to tighten and firm your skin for a more youthful, contoured complexion.

It’s also the only home micro-current device with FOREO’s anti-shock system. FOREO representatives told us that this is what makes the BEAR the safest microcurrent device in the world. And despite its small size, it offers more micro-current intensities than any other household device.

The BEAR scans and measures your skin’s resistance to electricity, automatically adjusting the microcurrent intensity in just 0.002 seconds (literally before you can blink) to maintain consistent treatment quality with maximum safety and comfort .

In the past I used another brand of microcurrent device which I found effective, but it was hard plastic and after dropping it on the floor too many times it stopped working. So I like the BEAR is covered in soft, bacteria-resistant, 100% waterproof silicone for cushioning and grip. It also comes in fuchsia or mint – I have mint, which is a welcome splash of color in my bathroom.

Also, my previous device lost its charge quickly, so I had to keep it stored in its charging stand above my bathroom counter. The BEAR holds a charge of up to 90 uses (pretty unbelievable), and it’s so small you can store it in a drawer when not in use (although it’s so cute you won’t mind leave it out).

FOREO bear first impressions

All FOREO devices can be connected with the brand’s mobile application. Being an impatient person, I was inclined to skip this step, but I forced myself to follow the instructions and found the app to be super easy to download and use, and activated my devices so well. transparent.

When I connected my BEAR, I was delighted to find a two-minute guided facial fitness routine to follow, complete with video. Note: you box use the BEAR without the app.

As I mentioned, the BEAR is quite small, and I wondered if it could really be powerful enough to deliver a microcurrent strong enough to have an effect. It quickly proved me wrong.

But first: SERUM. Really, SERUM SERUM SERUM (this is what FOREO’S is called). Never use the BEAR or any microcurrent device without a conductive serum, gel or cream or you might get a shocking surprise (see what I did there).

FOREO’S SERUM SERUM SERUM is unscented and glides on nicely without being sticky or sticky. As stated, I made sure it was fully absorbed before using the device.

The BEAR is so light and holds a charge for so long that I can totally imagine throwing it in the included travel pouch and taking it on a trip, which I really hope will happen very soon.

Instant results with the FOREO BEAR

Before and after photos by Kristen Philipkoski to show the instant results of using the FOREO BEAR.
(Kristen Philipkoski)

I did my best to take before and after photos using the same pose, angle and lighting. I’m not sure I’m 100% successful, but I believe I’m seeing a slight lift, mostly in the upper half of my face.

The most noticeable difference I’ve noticed is above my eyebrows. I don’t know if this is a latent complication of Botox (which I haven’t had in three years) or just an asymmetrical symptom of aging, but for the past few years my left eyebrow has been alarming higher than the right.

We’re all asymmetrical, of course, but this has made me do a double take in the mirror more times than I’d like to admit. So when I used the BEAR on my forehead, I strategically made a sweep above my left eyebrow and about four above my right. And by George, I swear my brows are more even.

Tips for using the FOREO BEAR

  • In typical Gen X fashion, I figured I could put the device on the highest setting and grit my teeth if I felt any discomfort. And then I remembered that no pain, no gain is a useless mantra, and at level 10 I felt more microcurrent than was comfortable. On the app, I noticed that the device was preset to level 4, and it worked out perfect for me.
  • You will want your face to be completely clean and free of any product besides the SERUMand the best way to achieve this is to first use the FOREO LUNA To clean.
  • Finally, in addition to the immediate results you’re likely to see, the device is also designed to have a cumulative effect, so stay tuned for my 15 and 30 day reviews, including more before and after photos.