Google Keep is getting closer to rich text support, with works towards more font sizes

New size options would join bold and italic text, also under development

How do you keep track of small lists and quick notes on your phone? While there are still those of us who try to unlearn “just email each other” as the go-to solution for all things to remember, the obvious solution is to use specially designed tools like Google Keep. In May, we took a look at the work in progress to bring Keep into the 20th century (if we’re being honest), with support for rich text markup. Now, it looks like support for bolding, italicizing, and underlining text will also be paired with the ability to choose from a few different font sizes.

Like last time, the team of 9to5Google did a teardown on the latest version of Keep and discovered a few text strings that seem to make a direct reference to font size controls:

  • Little
  • Medium
  • Big

For now, at least, that’s all we have – unlike the last set of markup changes in development, which also included a few icons highlighting the effects, here we only have those tags . From the sound of things, Keep will only offer these three font size presets, rather than finer control; but frankly, given the use cases Keep sees, more granularity here doesn’t really seem necessary.

The big question is when Google might flip the switch and let us actually start using these new text formatting options, but so far none of them have proven to be accessible. It’s possible that Google could enable them remotely at some point, or perhaps even richer tools will be developed before we see them all arrive at once – Google hasn’t even confirmed yet that all of this is going on.