Billions of iPhone and Android owners warned to change settings or risk attack TODAY

Chances are, you have multiple online accounts and remembering the password for each of them is a real pain.

This is why so many people tend to reuse the same password everywhere, which is not a good idea for your security at all.


Good passwords are needed to keep hackers outCredit: Getty

The reason is that if your account details are exposed in a data breach, hackers can use it to try to use the same details on other sites.

Security experts have long argued that a mix of letters – upper and lower case – as well as numbers and symbols is a good way to make your password too difficult for cyber attackers.

The problem is that a password like this is also difficult for you.

Officials from the National Cyber ​​​​Security Center (NCSC) suggest something a little easier, which is to choose three words at random.

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But again, if you have to give each account a separate password, the memory issue will be the same.

Instead, there is another way with a password manager.

Password managers are apps and features that securely store your login information for you, automatically filling in boxes when you need to login.

There is a choice of free and paid around.

Apple and Google offer them built into the iPhone and Android, respectively.

Even better, they will alert you if any of your passwords have been compromised.

How to Use iPhone Password Manager

iCloud Keychain protects your passwords and loads on any of your Apple devices, not just iPhone.

Your iPhone will ask if you want to save login information every time you log into something that isn’t already stored on Safari.

To view all your saved passwords – and add new ones manually – go to the Settings and find Passwords.

Here you will see a full list.

There is also a useful Security Recommendations section.

How to Use Google Password Manager

Google’s password manager feature works on Android and Chrome.

The company’s offer to save contextual passwords is enabled by default.

To manage your passwords, go to Settingsfollowed by Google.

Select Manage your Google Accountthen Security.

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Scroll to Connecting to other sites and press password managerthen the settings cog.

Here you can make the necessary changes.

Too many people recycle passwords


Too many people recycle passwordsCredit: Getty

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