Best Free Fire MAX graphics settings for smooth, lag-free gameplay on low-end Android devices (June 2022)

Garena Free Fire MAX has had over 100 million installs on the Google Play Store, which is hugely impressive considering its release in September 2021. It’s safe to say that it’s become an upgraded alternative to Free Fire in terms of graphics.

The popularity of Garena Free Fire MAX has exploded in the Indian server over the past few months. The reason for the sudden increase in player fame and engagement is the ban of Garena Free Fire by the Indian government.

Thus, Android users can spot the MAX version in the top charts of the Play Store.

Ideal “Display” settings for Garena Free Fire MAX to reduce stuttering

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Garena Free Fire MAX previously had a download size close to 1GB on the Google Play Store, which caused various lagging issues on low-end devices. However, the developers have rolled out a significant change in the game’s file size on the Play Store through the OB34 update.

Both the MAX variant and Free Fire now have Android download sizes below 500MB. As a result, both titles, especially the MAX version, perform better than ever when it comes to performance on low-end smartphones. Here’s what the developers have to say about the new file size:

“We recognize that the HD graphics in Free Fire Max can place a heavy burden on your mobile devices. Therefore, we have changed a few areas to reduce the file size of this version and, without compensating for the resolution, mitigate the loss in performance your devices might experience while running Free Fire Max. Now you can enjoy smoother graphics that dramatically improve your gaming experience.”

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As the download size has been reduced and the total file size of the games has been adjusted with compensated DLC, the MAX variant is still causing issues on 2GB RAM devices. The reason behind the dropping and jerking of the images is the superior quality of the graphics.

Ideal "Display"  settings for use on low-end Android smartphones (Image via Garena)
“Display” settings ideal for use on low-end Android smartphones (Image via Garena)

So, users may consider changing the “Display” settings of the game to lower high-end output, which will greatly minimize stuttering and lag. Here are the appropriate adjustments they should use:


  1. Graphics – Smooth
  2. High FPS – “Normal” to provide smoother output


  1. Autoscale – Stopped
  2. Minimap – Based on user preference.

Readers should follow these steps to make the changes in the “Display” section of the system settings:

Step 1: Players should locate and tap the FF MAX app on their devices.

2nd step: They can open the system settings by clicking on the “gear” icon given in the lobby.

Step 3: Players should select the “Display” section and make the changes shown above.

Once the adjustments are made, they can also take the following steps to ensure a smoother experience on low-end Android devices:

  • Individuals can kill all apps running in the background.
  • They can verify that they have a stable internet connection before launching the game.

Players can also use similar settings on low-end PCs to reduce frame drops and stutter.

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