Are you using unsafe iPhone settings? Check three risky features you should NOT touch right now

APPLE is pretty strict on iPhone security and there are plenty of settings to tighten things up.

While some are worth checking out, others are best left off unless you’re absolutely sure.


Some settings are probably best left untouched…

Here are a few that you should probably never mess with:

Requires attention for Face ID

This setting should be enabled automatically – if not, it’s worth having.

This means no one can unlock your iPhone without your eye contact – so anyone wanting to snoop around your stuff can’t hold the device to your face while you sleep and gain freedom.

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You can find it under Settingsfollowed by Face ID and password.

Scroll to Requires attention for Face ID and it should be on.

Wipe data after 10 failed password attempts

The automatic data wipe feature is great for cybersecurity, but it’s a near disaster if you have young children who might get their hands on your iPhone.

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It will completely erase all data from your phone after 10 login attempts.

So, you really need to be sure it’s the right thing before proceeding because it would be terrible to lose all those photos, messages, and everything else.

Emergency SOS

The iPhone allows you to press and hold the side button to summon the emergency SOS screen.

If you continue to hold them, a countdown begins and an alert sounds.

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And when the countdown is over, the iPhone calls the emergency services.

It’s a really handy feature that you can turn off in the Emergency SOS settings, but it’s best left alone – you never know when you might need it.

iOS is quite secure


iOS is quite secureCredit: Alamy

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