We are enabled to gather personal id data of our Users in a diversity of methods and forms, including, but not restricted to, while User’s site visiting, registration process, filling out the asked forms, placing an order, answering the survey questions about our service activity issues, specifications and other peculiarities of the Site. The Site activity may require knowing, if needed, User’s name, e-mail, mailing info, telephone data, number of social security. We will get access to User’s personal ID data only in case they supply that info to us willingly. Users are empowered to decline disclosing personal ID info, except the cases it may be needed for prevention options from the particular Site related actions.

Non-personal ID information

Non-personal ID data is usually collected while Users correspond with our service. You may call non-personal ID information the following points: name of the browser, computer type and technical info on the connecting means of the User and our Site, for example, operating system or the internet provider’s type and related data.

Cookies of the internet browser

Cookies may be required by our service in order to improve site usage and User’s experience in general. Internet browser of the User sends cookies to our hard drive in order to collect and record the particular info or to track its activity in some cases. User is empowered to decline browser cookies sending or select the option when the browser asks for a permission to send cookies. But you must be aware that such options may block some site’s properties and it may not be performed in the right way

The usage of the collected data

The Smartphone Tracking service may require gathering and applying personal ID data of its users in order to fulfill the following needs of the site and service in general:

  • For running and operating of our web-site
    Your ID information may be required for site correct displaying purposes
  • For quality of client’s services improving purposes
    The data we may gather from our customers serves us a great deal in fulfilling client’s needs and enhancing our supporting qualities
  • For customizing of experience
    Information you are asked to provide helps us to observe and estimate the usage of our service and its features by our customers
  • For service improving purposes
    Feedback you leave for us is used as a guide in a site improving process.
  • For designing and performing of the promotion activities, contests, surveys and similar service options. By sending their personal info Users confirm that they allow us to send articles and other media information we decided user may be interested in.
  • For subscription purposes
    The e-mail info the User provides may be used in order to supply User with the information and updates they should be aware of. This part of personal data may be used also for corresponding purposes.

The protection of your personal ID info

Our service reassure to keep your personal ID data safely and protect from its inappropriate usage like access to it from the third parties, changing it, revealing or desolation of your personal info, username, password and other data which may be collected and stored by our site.

Sharing of your personal ID data

Our service is allowed to share and trade the data you may provide us with for marketing and other service’s purposes

Terms of contacting us

In case you have any questions or hesitations left on the Privacy Policy issue, the site performance or other activity you may be involved with our service with, contact us freely.